Used Wintex 1000

Automate your soil sampling today at a great price with one of our used Wintex 1000 soil samplers optional set up with a Suzuki ATV (different than image).  For someone starting out that does not want to spend a lot, we have a refurbished unit that just arrived. Contact us today via email  or phone … Continued

Used eBee SQ Sale

Don’t miss this chance to step up to the most advanced UAV/RPAS designed specifically for agriculture. The eBee SQ is simple to operate, captures high quality accurate data with the  Sequoia multicultural camera, and comes with the most advanced flight software (eMotion). Contact us today for details on this low flight hours unit we just … Continued

Immediate Expensing of Capital Items in Federal Budget make Purchases More Attractive

The government has introduced new measures in 2021 Budget making it more attractive than ever to purchase certain depreciate property like a Wintex or senseFly eBee Ag. To enhance the Capital Cost of Allowance (CCA) deduction for Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs), the Budget proposes “immediate expensing” of certain depreciate property. The expense is available for … Continued

Wintex Agro Canada

Ag Business & Crop is excited to announce WintexAgro  Canada  as our new brand that will focus and prioritize exclusively on out growing Wintex Soil Sampler business. Visit our new website Home – Wintex Agro Canada | Automatic Probe Soil Samplers to see our latest model samplers, to easily order parts on-line, find support articles, find … Continued

Invisible but Real; N loss due to Volatization

Concern over volatilization losses from surface applied nitrogen are justified during periods of high temperatures, high winds and little rain in the foreseeable future. Agronomists advising growers can help farmers by reviewing  conditions that favour high volatilization potential in deciding on the merits of using an enhanced efficiency fertilizer like Agrotain (NBPT) or ESN.  Manitoba Ag … Continued

Don’t Lose Forage Yield to Poor Fertility

Forage yields are lost because of 3 main factors, old stands, poor establishment and low or improper soil fertility. Good fertility is essential to both yields and persistence of forage crops. Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertility management is often overlooked, but is fundamental to producing enough forage to feed livestock and being competitive in … Continued

Don’t Stress; Talk it Out

Spring is a very exciting time, it feels great to be back in the field, when all that crop planning and prep work during the winter is starting to be realized upon. It can be also be very frustrating when the weather does not co-operate, equipment breaks down, or other things go awry.  Folks in agriculture … Continued

Beneficial insect friendly scouting resources

Be beneficial insect friendly and help yourself to some fantastic scouting resources and on-demand webinars for cereals, oilseed, and pulse crops. Offered by the  Western Grain Research Foundation  these tools can help you with your scouting program, identifying beneficial and determining economic thresholds. Learn More

On-Demand Crop Scouting School – FREE

The 2021 Virtual Crop Scouting School is now available from the Crop Protection Network(CPN). The school offers 22 self-paced webinars covering general scouting, insects, diseases, weeds in corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa. The CPN covers eleven USA Midwest Universities. The webinars can help in training students or staff in good general scouting practices and more in-depth … Continued

Mychorrizae Fungi – The Amazing Underground Secret to Better crops

Mycorrizhae fungi are part of the enormous biology that is vital to crops and soil health.  Mychorrizhae has a symbiotic relationship contributing to the glue holding soil aggregates, stable organic matter, induce plants to absorb nutrients and increase plants tolerance to environmental stress. Ambuscular Mycorrizhae (AM) are one of the most important and studied in … Continued