WintexAgro Canada Western Demo Tour and AgSmart

We are very much looking forward to our Western Canada trip, Aug 2-14th to speak and attend AgSmart, Aug 10 & 11, in Calgary. Along the way we will be visiting Agri-businesses for demonstrations of our Wintex soil samplers and eBee Ag drone. Most of our trip will be along the TransCanada highway, however we … Continued

Tissue Testing Field Crops requires Cautious Approach

Tissue testing is a valuable diagnostic tool for helping agronomists ‘listen to plants’. However on its own, test results can lead to misinterpretation of the numbers as they provide a snapshot of what the plant status is at that moment which can be impacted by things like drought, pests, diseases, plant injury, poor soil structure … Continued

The Value of Straw

With more talk of bio-energy or bio-materials like the proposed MDF plant for central Alberta, growers may ponder whether it’s worth selling the straw to generate extra income from your straw crop acreage. One way to value straw is simply on what the market place is offering. The other is the opportunity cost based on … Continued

4R Potash Deficiency & Drought – a Double Edged Sword

Potash is back in the spotlight with reports of visual deficiency in many areas experiencing drought conditions. Drought conditions can lock up potassium in the soil keeping it from reaching crops. Potassium is important in many plant functions including water use efficiency and plant cell turgor pressure.   So, when plants cannot access potassium, water use … Continued

Top Soil Sample Depth Needs to be Consistent

Quality soil sampling is critical to correct interpretation of results. We stress to clients this point and write often about collecting and interpreting results.  This has become even more critical as agronomists and growers adopt more precision 4R nutrient management. A few years back AgVise lab completed a demonstration project on the effect of sampling … Continued

Always On for senseFly Owners- Because Business never Stops

Always On clients, don’t forget to order your free “Always On” parts within the 2 years warranty and service plan period. Always On includes free batteries and other consumable parts replacement. Always on includes free 100 hour service for worry free flying. Book a convenient 100 hr service and we will send you a replacement eBee before you … Continued

Used Wintex 1000

Automate your soil sampling today at a great price with one of our used Wintex 1000 soil samplers optional set up with a Suzuki ATV (different than image).  For someone starting out that does not want to spend a lot, we have a refurbished unit that just arrived. Contact us today via email  or phone … Continued

Used eBee SQ Sale

Don’t miss this chance to step up to the most advanced UAV/RPAS designed specifically for agriculture. The eBee SQ is simple to operate, captures high quality accurate data with the  Sequoia multicultural camera, and comes with the most advanced flight software (eMotion). Contact us today for details on this low flight hours unit we just … Continued

Immediate Expensing of Capital Items in Federal Budget make Purchases More Attractive

The government has introduced new measures in 2021 Budget making it more attractive than ever to purchase certain depreciate property like a Wintex or senseFly eBee Ag. To enhance the Capital Cost of Allowance (CCA) deduction for Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs), the Budget proposes “immediate expensing” of certain depreciate property. The expense is available for … Continued

Wintex Agro Canada

Ag Business & Crop is excited to announce WintexAgro  Canada  as our new brand that will focus and prioritize exclusively on out growing Wintex Soil Sampler business. Visit our new website Home – Wintex Agro Canada | Automatic Probe Soil Samplers to see our latest model samplers, to easily order parts on-line, find support articles, find … Continued