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Mychorrizae Fungi – The Amazing Underground Secret to Better crops

Mycorrizhae fungi are part of the enormous biology that is vital to crops and soil health.  Mychorrizhae has a symbiotic relationship contributing to the glue holding soil aggregates, stable organic matter, induce plants to absorb nutrients and increase plants tolerance to environmental stress. Ambuscular Mycorrizhae (AM) are one of the most important and studied in … Continued

Soil Testing – Lots of Growth Opportunities

Soil Testing – Lots of Growth Opportunities While I’m a big supporter of precision ag as a means to collecting data for better decision making, I was reminded recently we can’t lose sight of the fundamentals like soil testing, as boring as this may sound to growers. A 2015 Olds College survey by students highlighted … Continued

The Limits of Base Saturation in Making Nutrient Recommendations

Every few years it seems base saturation rises as a winter topic as a means of making fertilizer recommendations. While base saturation has been used to determine whether a soil should be limed or not, it’s not a soil testing index, nor should be accepted broadly as an indicator for nutrient fertility. Developed for low … Continued