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Closed Canopies; Open Skies

Finding The Right Tool For The Right Application In spite of a lengthy planting window for 2019, it’s surprising how little time it’s taken for the crops to emerge and begin to close canopy.  As your crops progress, it’s time to take stock of what’s really out there. Whether it’s checking for hard-to-control weeds, insect … Continued

A Mid-Season Soil Sampling Reminder

The Time To Add Soil Sampling To Your List Of Duties Is Now Although we’re just at the start of summer, the days are already getting shorter, which means autumn is suddenly a lot closer than we think. Even if things are full-speed-ahead with the growing season, and time to sample is just weeks away. … Continued

Digging Deep On Soil Sampling

When it comes to soil sampling, there are many approaches, opinions and recommendations. Review the above video on procedures, then consider the following: How consistent are the samples that are being taken? The gentleman in the video is talking about consistency, but it’s very important that the samples are taken at a consistent depth. He … Continued