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Keep Your Wheels On The Road

Navigating roads can be a challenge, especially with today’s larger equipment. About 13 percent of farm related fatalities across Canada are traffic related. Most car drivers are not familiar with sharing the road, placing more onus on equipment drivers. Follow Provincial Equipment Transportation Rules It is important to not only review rules about safe transport … Continued

How Late Can You Seed Winter Wheat?

Winter wheat planting is off to a slow start in Ontario owing to the delayed harvest of beans. Growers are, however, keen to plant more wheat and make adjustments, including broadcast seeding into standing soybeans and adjusting seeding rates. Wheat after hay or wheat has a high risk of Take-all disease. Wheat after silage should … Continued

In Recognition of Phosphorus Week

Sept 16-21 commemorates the discovery of phosphorus 350 yeas ago. In conjuction with this week, two leading Cdn researchers have reviewed 100ā€™s of ā€˜Pā€ research reports and issued a new report that looks at gaps in knowledge and priorities for P research. 4R Management of Phosphorus Fertilizer in the Northern Great Plains: A Review of … Continued