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Drone Imagery As Aid To Harvest Timing

2019’s weather has been less than kind to many crops, resulting in a lot of unevenness in crop stage. Some fields appear as if there were different crops in one field, making it difficult for farmers to make the decision when to swath or harvest. Drone imagery is a valuable tool to help assess the … Continued

Control Tough Perennial & Annual Weeds With Pre Or Post Harvest

Every year brings its share of troublesome weeds, and the fall is the best time to control perennial and winter annual weeds. There are 5 main benefits of a fall weed control program. Control of perennial weeds like Canada Thistle, quack grass and perennial sow thistle is best with a pre-harvest application when these weeds … Continued

Simplify Soybean Yield Estimation with the 21 Rule

Many farmers often like to estimate soybean yield late in the season. Ideally, the closer the beans are to maturity, the better the estimate will be. The traditional approach to estimating yield by the formula (pods/acre X seeds)/pod /(seeds/lb.)/(lbs. per bushel) is time consuming and tedious. There is a simpler approach that is based on … Continued