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The Power of Soil Testing

The Power of Soil Testing Today’s high crop yields are demanding more from our soils than ever before. Modern genetics and improved crop management through practices like 4R are driving better nutrient use efficiency and returns. However, with big yields comes bigger crop removals, and basing 2021 crop needs on historical averages may not be … Continued

Crop Rotations – Long term Fertility Plans

Organic Crop Rotations require Long term Fertility Plans Organic cropping systems are designed with the goal of maintaining nutrients in organic matter reservoirs and in bioavailable forms over the cropping cycle through a holistic approach. Organic growers starting out or newer agronomic advisors can gain a better understanding of fertility planning and understanding of how … Continued

Practical Measures of Soil Health

Practical Measures of Soil Health, How Can Crop Advisors Use the Data?   Soil health is the foundation of any farm. Physical, biological and chemical soil properties all interact in influencing soil health, so measuring soil health is never related to a single measure. There’s a rapidly growing list of tests that many soil test labs … Continued