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Ag Business & Crop Inc. provides innovative product solutions for precision farming

Ag Business & Crop Inc. (ABC) carries a range of precision equipment, including the Wintex Automated Soil Samplers that are reliable and user-friendly, with operations easily carried out from the driver’s seat. The agriculture industry is constantly evolving, and so does the equipment, whether unmanned aerial systems, soil samplers, expert advice, or other technology related items. Professional businesses need consistency, with excellent results and durability -- and this is what ABC strives to offer.

Products also include the senseFly Drones (RPAS/UAV) that are easy to use and are an effective tool for monitoring crops and providing immediate results. With its full drone-to-tractor workflow, crops can be scouted, plant health analyzed, prescriptions created and treatment beginning all on the same day. We also have drone systems that are the lightest and safest solutions used across the country for survey, construction, and inspection. Ag Business & Crop is also highly active in research and development and works closely with universities and ministries in applying this technology.

We aim to have the right and progressive solutions for our client's needs with personalized service and reliability. We are very fortunate to have built an expanding business by doing something we love and are passionate about. Our main goal is to, literally and figuratively, provide farmers and commercial clients with the equipment to improve their business and productivity.




Soil Samplers



Our Mission


Our Mission is to provide farmers with the soil samplers and drones that they need to improve their business and productivity.

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Our Vision


Our Vision is to be Canada's most innovative, progressive provider of precision farm tools, working with farmers and commercial clients.

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