Training with Certified Flight Instructor
Up to date air laws and regulations coverage
Hands-on training
Total of 3 days

Training with Certified Flight Instructor
Up to date air laws and regulations coverage
Advanced In-Field Flight Review
Total of 4 Days

Prepare for the Flight Review
Get to know the operating software and controller
Flight experience in more challenging situations
1/2 up to1 Day Training

Advanced In-Field Flight Review 
Assessment of your ability to operate your 
drone safely.
ABC’s Flight Reviewers are certified by Transport Canada to perform the Flight Review

Why use our training?

  • Proven, successful and experienced training since 2013
  • As a full Drone Service Centre we see what can go wrong and teach you how to prevent it
  • Commercial Flight Instructor experienced in manned aircraft and RC drone operation.
  • Small Class size
  • Qualified Drone – RPAS pilots providing
  • Practical infield flight practice and training
  • Successfully completed a wide variety SFOC’s for our own company operations as well as providing support to many clients to obtain their own SFOC’s since 2011
  • Offer a packed but informative course to get you ready to operate a drone safely in all kinds of situations making you knowledgeable, confident and prepared.
  • We train for your success and safety.
  • Listed on Unmanned Canada’s webpage as trainers since Compliant training was available.
  • From fighter jet pilots to new drone operators we have worked with a huge range of students including Transport Canada RPAS specialists.
  • Lunch included

Training Options

Pilot Certificate – Basic Operations

  • Training with Certified Flight Instructor
  • Knowledge Requirements Based On TP15263 – Basic Operations
  • Up to Date Air Laws and Regulations coverage
  • Preparation for RPAS small Basic Certification on line exam- time allotted for certification testing (if participant feels they would like to take the test. (Online Transport Canada exam $10 cost not included).
  • $350/person
  • Total of 3 days

Note: Prepare for the Transport Canada’s online. The TC exam is 30 questions, with a time limit of 1.5 hours

Practical Drone operation training

(senseFly fixed wing and Parrot Quad-copter)

  • senesFly fixed-wing
  • Parrot quad-copters
  • In more advanced situations.
  • Get flight experience in real weather conditions outdoor.
  • This gets you ready for the
      • Small Advanced Flight Review.
      • as a Professional drone pilot.
  • The training can be tailored to your needs.
      • Operating software training online
      • Practical field flight training with both fixed-wing and quad-copters.

Ask for a quote.

We training onsite or you may come to our location. some limitations apply at your site to follow our training safety protocol.

RPAS Flight Review – Field (Test Transport Canada Approved)

Advanced In-Field Flight Review (with your own drone).

  • Before you conduct your flight review, you must pass the Small Advanced Exam.
  • The flight reviewer will assess your ability to operate your drone safely.
  • Appendix A lists the skills that your flight reviewer will ask you to demonstrate during your flight review.
  • Flight Planning can be done prior to the flight review day.
  • In-field test can be offered on your site for an additional cost.
  • Allocate 2 hrs. max. (the Flight Review will talk 1 hr or less).
  • Flight Review Tips
  • ABC’s Flight Reviewers are certified by Transport Canada to perform the Flight Review
  • Cost: $150/person

There is a charge by Transport Canada ($25) after successful completion of the Flight Review. You will then be provided an electronic copy of your Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations.

Customer Testimonials

“I received our SFOC application approval for the entire Province of NS up to 800 feet altitude, valid August 25, 2015 – February 26, 2016. Thanks for your help with the process. Time to get out and fly!”
“The training was really good… It was nice to have instructors that had a lot of knowledge and passion for what they are teaching…”
Greg D

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