Ag Business & Crop drone division is now Carto Canada

As of July 15, 2019, The drone division of Ag Business and Crop Inc. and the drone Division of Spatial Technologies have merged to form a new entity called CartoCanada Inc. 

This new company is the union of the western Canadian distribution partner of senseFly (Spatial Technologies) and the eastern GIS and national agriculture Canadian distribution partner  (the UAV division of Ag Business and Crop Inc.). 

The direction of the new company will be led by both Richard Andrews (CEO and President) and Felix Weber (Vice President and CCO). 

By joining our teams, we bring significant advantages to our clients. 

Firstly, and immediately, we add several service and support technicians to the team to provide extended hours and additional authorized service centers (ASC).  We now have 3 centers to ensure the fastest turnaround for any service your RPAS requires across the country.  By having an eastern and western support center, we can respond to support inquiries earlier in the day for western-based customers, and later in the day for eastern time zone clients.  All contact information is now the same across the country.

Secondly, for our national clients, you may access our eastern or western branches to get additional accessories or supplies for your senseFly unit under one account to CartoCanada. 

Thirdly, both of our teams excel at the use of RPAS for several industries.  The addition of Felix and his team brings a much broader expertise in the use of RPAS for agricultural usage and will continue providing GIS expertise.  The UAV Division of Spatial Technologies has delivered several solutions to the mining, engineering and other precision mapping professions out west.  In addition, Felix Weber, our VP and Chief Compliance Officer, is highly connected to Transport Canada and is constantly interacting with their team to ensure our compliance in both airframes and compliant training. 

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