Wintex 1000S

The WINTEX 1000s is an innovative soil sampler which works quickly and effectively in all kinds of soil. It has a hydraulic hammer which, together with pressure from the hydraulic cylinder, ensures that the probe goes into the ground, down to the desired depth. The pressure from the cylinder can be adjusted according to the type of soil, and the depth can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Wintex 1000s

Product Features

Wintex 1000s

Advanced Technology

Houses an electronic computer system which carries out all functions 100% automatically.

Wintex 1000s

Specially Developed Probe

Perfectly holds the soil until it is delivered into the soil box. The probe rotates when it is in the ground, picks up soil and is emptied fully after each operation.

Customer Testimonials

Dustin Mulock

Mulock Farms Ltd, Woodville Ontario

The wintex soil sampler is a perfect fit for my John Deere Gator. It’s capacity for soil samples per hour has allowed me to cut my sampling time in half. This system has enabled me to start site specific sampling while remaining cost-effective and improving my crops yields.

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