Wintex 1000

Wintex 1000 is the fastest, most precise and most quiet soil sampler available. Reliability and minimum maintenance have established Wintex 1000 as the most competitive soil sampler on the market for soil samples up to 30 cm (approx. 12”).

Wintex 1000

Product Features

Wintex 1000

Reliable and User-Friendly

Fully automatic soil sampler for soil samples up to 25 cm. It is user-friendly, requires only minimum maintenance and is easy to use. All functions are comfortably carried out from the driver’s seat.

Wintex 1000

GPS Positioning System

The soil samples will be geographically registered and can later on be used for variable rate lime and fertilizer maps.

Wintex 1000

Can Be Mounted on all Vehicles

Including: pick-ups, tractors and trailers

The soil sample is taken with a probe and not with an auger. This ensures a completely homogeneous sample being a core of soil which is taken from the adjusted depth. If the sample is taken with an auger, as many other soil samplers do, you will always take more material from the top layers than from the lower layers of soil.

The specially developed probe takes 300-450 g of soil which is the preferred quantity to be used at the laboratories for analysis. The soil sample is automatically filled into a box ready to be sent to the laboratory which means a quick and effective way of getting through work.

Customer Testimonials

TECC Agriculture Ltd.

Ben Schapelhouman CCA-ON, Dip Ag, Director TECC Agriculture Ltd.

“We’ve been grid sampling with a Wintex 1000 for five years now – an excellent investment. The unit is immensely practical, highly productive and reliable. Service and support provided by Ag Business and Crop have been outstanding – parts arrive by courier in very short order.” 

Since purchasing the Wintex1000 soil sampler this spring, it has made soil sampling much easier, efficient and more accurate. This year alone we have completed over 18,000 acres in sampling. The WINTEX 1000 is reliable and extremely user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. All operations are easily carried out from the driver’s seat.  I am very … Continued

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