Kevin Shearer, SAIRS Ltd.

In helping a producer and his agronomist create in-season variable rate fungicide maps I put an eBee through its paces in the 2018 growing season.  I used an eBee to map 11,000 farmed acres in 8 days afield.  This included flight, data processing and delivery of the completed map to the agronomist 12 to 48 hours after flight.  While I was in the field I received great service from Ag Business & Crop.  When I ordered spare batteries and propellers, it was a simple as sending an email, with the shipment arriving at my door the next morning.  Throughout operations, Ag Business was always helpful in developing a contingency plan should I need a replacement drone in short notice.  I was confident that if the need arose, Ag Business could have me back in the air within 24 to 48 hours.  To date, this has never been needed.  In total, my eBee has mapped over 40,000 acres of Manitoba and Saskatchewan farmland for VR fungicide application, VR nutrient application, VR management zone delineation, research, wildlife damage documentation, and herbicide drift complaints.  It continues to fly strong.  It will be interesting to see how far it goes.