Evan McK

In regard to our eBee operations – things are going very well and I’m generally very happy with the eBee. We own 3 of them now and will probably get a fourth in the near future. We have done over 700 flights in total and the 4 full-time surveyors that we employ are now very efficient in the way that they operate. Virtually all of our work is for the mining industry, with a typical survey being about 500-700 ha in size, although we often survey areas of 2,000ha or more (all at around 400’). We can usually survey about 600ha or so in a day. The Panasonic Toughbook that we purchased through you with the eBee is fantastic and hasn’t missed a beat despite operating continuously in hot and dusty conditions. It’s the perfect size/weight, and handles the heat very well (other computers become very slow in the very hot weather). We recently purchased a Dell Rugged Extreme 12” which also seems to perform equally as well, but is quite a bit heavier.