JT Liquid Covers

The JT Liquid Cover is an effective floating cover system for liquids and fluids. It consists of hexagonal UV-protected plastic elements. The elements allow free access to the tank and working without removing the cover first. A secure choice for pig slurry, biogas, waste water, chemicals and other liquids. It can be used in tanks, ponds, basins and reservoirs.


    • MDS approved for NMP (building permit minimum distance)
    • Emission reduction of ammonia
    • odor control
    • Avoid heat loss
    • Reduction of algae formation
    • Reduction of chemical contamination
    • Maintenance-free


Product Features


JT Covers are delivered in big bags, each with 43 m2, and must just be dropped into the tank, basin or pond where the elements will spread, float together and cover the liquid effectively.



The specific weight of each element ensures that JT Covers do not dive when stirring in the tank. All kinds of mixers can be used without removing the floating cover. The elements will just slide aside and re-establish themselves after the end of the operation.


The diameter of 305 mm ensures that JT Covers will not be an obstacle for suction pipes and pumps. Even 10″ suction pipes can be used directly in the tank without removing the elements. They will float apart and automatically restore the cover when the suction pipe or pump is removed.

JT Covers are maintenance-free, effective floating cover for liquids and fluids. It covers 95-98% of the surface and is relevant for all sectors which require:

  • MDS approved for NMP
  • Reduction of nitrogen emission
  • Reduction of odor emission
  • Prevention of heat loss
  • Prevention/reduction of organic growth
  • Reduction of evaporation from chemicals


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