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WintexAgro Canada Western Demo Tour and AgSmart

We are very much looking forward to our Western Canada trip, Aug 2-14th to speak and attend AgSmart, Aug 10 & 11, in Calgary. Along the way we will be visiting Agri-businesses for demonstrations of our Wintex soil samplers and eBee Ag drone. Most of our trip will be along the TransCanada highway, however we … Continued

Tissue Testing Field Crops requires Cautious Approach

Tissue testing is a valuable diagnostic tool for helping agronomists ‘listen to plants’. However on its own, test results can lead to misinterpretation of the numbers as they provide a snapshot of what the plant status is at that moment which can be impacted by things like drought, pests, diseases, plant injury, poor soil structure … Continued

The Value of Straw

With more talk of bio-energy or bio-materials like the proposed MDF plant for central Alberta, growers may ponder whether it’s worth selling the straw to generate extra income from your straw crop acreage. One way to value straw is simply on what the market place is offering. The other is the opportunity cost based on … Continued