Mychorrizae Fungi – The Amazing Underground Secret to Better crops

Mycorrizhae fungi are part of the enormous biology that is vital to crops and soil health.  Mychorrizhae has a symbiotic relationship contributing to the glue holding soil aggregates, stable organic matter, induce plants to absorb nutrients and increase plants tolerance to environmental stress. Ambuscular Mycorrizhae (AM) are one of the most important and studied in crop production. Crops like corn, cereals, soybeans are highly dependent on AM, while canola is not, which relies on its very extensive roots to access nutrients like phosphorus. High P testing soils suppress AM, and AM has recently been found to could supply the plant with ammonium (NH4+) as a nitrogen source. Regional differences in fungi species exist so it is important to be cautious of claims for ‘Bug in a Jug’ products without local trial evidence.