senseFly’s S.O.D.A. and Canon G9X

In addition to 20 MP resolution and 1 inch sensor both cameras can output images in both JPEG and RAW (CR2/TIFF) image format. For most applications, JPEG format is sufficient, but for those demanding applications the raw image format ensures you receive sharper reflectance maps, and a wider dynamic range. senseFly’s proprietary S.0.D.A (Sensor Optimized for Drone Applications) is the first sensor built specifically for UAV application. The S.O.D.A. is extremely light at 76 gm and offers 2.8 cm ground sampling distance (GSD) at 400 feet, something that other sensors can only capture at much lower altitudes for the same resolutions. An example dataset of the G9X compared to the Sony WX camera can be found in our blog post Canon G9X vs Sony WX Camera.


senseFly Optics Ratings & Specifications





Approx. Resolution: 20 MP ( 2.8 cm/pixel @ 400 ft)

Image Sensor Size: 1-inch (116.2 mm2 )

File Formats: JPEG, and/or RAW

Dust Protector: Built in dust and splash protection. Replaceable lens cover (screw on), Rubberized covers on all ports

Weight (with SD Card): 111 gm (with integration kit)

Apeture: F2.8 -F 11

ISO Sensitivity (800 max in ‘C’ mode): 125-6400

Focal Length mm: 28

Dimensions (W/H/D): 41 X 60 X 42

What’s in the box: S.O.D.A. camera, 2 lens covers, 32 GB SDHC card, Lens cleaning kit, USB power cable, Integration kit, Hard transport case

Notes: Current version not compatabile with eBee RTK. eBee with serial numbers EB-01…require modification by senseFly


Canon G9X



Approx. Resolution: 20 MP (2.9 cm/pixel @ 400 ft)

Image Sensor Size: 1-inch (116.2 mm2 )

File Formats: JPEG, and/or RAW

Dust Protector: Yes, Lens cover & replaceable lens scratch protectors

Weight (with SD Card): 157 gm

Apeture: F2.0-F11.0

ISO Sensitivity (800 max in ‘C’ mode): 125-12,800

Focal Length mm: 28

Dimensions (W/H/D): 98 X 58 X 31 mm

What’s in the box: G9X camera, camera bay inserts, USB power cable, 32 GB SDHC card, Lens protector pack, Lens cleaning kit

Notes: eBees with serial numberrs EB-02… and EB-01-… require modification by senseFly for the G9X