• Innovative Product Solutions for Precision Farming


    Maximize your success in agriculture and beyond using the latest in drone and soil sampling products from Ag Business & Crop.

  • Mapping


    eBee Drones (UAS/UAV)

    senseFly eBee drones from Ag Business & Crop are easy to use and are an effective tool for monitoring crops, providing immediate results
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  • Inspecting

    albris Drones (UAS/UAV)

    The albris (exom) drone lets you capture & geotag video, while obtaining still and thermal imagery, all within the same flight with no need to land to change cameras.
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  • Soil Sampling

    The Soil Sampler mounted on an ATV

    Wintex Soil Samplers

    Wintex Soil Samplers from Ag Business & Crop are reliable and user-friendly, with all operations easily carried out from the driver's seat.
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Looking For A Flight Service Provider?

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